1. Sportsmanship
    Shake hands with players, coaches, and refs
    before and after every game! Be humble in victory.
    No crying in defeat.
  2. Discipline
    No Favoritism- We lead by example! They follow!
  3. Positive Attitude
    Praise players for good play. Correct (not scold) players for bad play. Relaxed players play better than tensed, stressed players.
  4. Consistency
    Every practice, every game, every involvement with child needs to leave a lasting, positive impact about life and sports.
  5. Teach While Coaching – First and/or last 5 minutes of every practice, sit and discuss life skills as well as sports skills. Practice patience with youngsters.

Start by asking kids questions.
For Example:
•What is teamwork.
Why is _____________ important?
•Give me an example of ______________________
Spend a few minutes discussing any topic to start practice. At the end of practice revisit the day’s idea, reviewing (questioning) what players have learned.