Sport                            Ages    Registrations      Practice/Playing Season

Biddy Basketball   5-8         July 29-Aug 19      late Aug to end Oct

Volleyball                9-14       Sep  23-Oct 7         mid Oct to mid Dec

T-ball                        5-6         Dec  2-Jan 1              start Jan to end Feb

Pitch-ball              7-8         Dec 2-Jan. 1               start Jan to end Feb

Boys Basketball   9-14     Dec 16-Jan  6       mid Jan to mid March

Girls Basketball   9-14   Feb 17-Mar 16     early April to end May

Flag Football         5-14    Mar 9 -27               start April to end May

Register players online at

Registration Policy
All participants must first register through this web site,
Players who register during the Online Registration period (see above), will be able to receive a uniform shirt.
Players who register after that period, and prior to the start of the playing season, will be assigned to a team, but will not receive a uniform shirt.