Sport                            Ages    Registrations      Practice/Playing Season

Biddy Basketball   5-8         July 29-Aug 19      late Aug to end Oct

Volleyball                9-14       Sep  23-Oct 7         mid Oct to mid Dec

T-ball                        5-6         Dec  2-Jan 1              start Jan to end Feb

Pitch-ball              7-8         Dec 2-Jan. 1               start Jan to end Feb

Boys Basketball   9-14     Dec 16-Jan  6       mid Jan to mid March

Girls Basketball   9-14   Feb 17-Mar 16     early April to end May

Flag Football         5-14    Mar 9 -27               start April to end May

Register players at the gym office Mon-Thurs 4-6PM

Registration Policy
All participants must first register.
Players who register during the registration period (see above), will be able to receive a uniform shirt.
Players who register after that period, and prior to the start of the playing season, will be assigned to a team, but will not receive a uniform shirt.