Hisaoka Gym 2016

Coaches’ Contract

This is a brand new floor for our community gym. We want everyone Who uses the gym to abide by these rules, and for coaches to be responsible for their use in the gym. We will be enforcing the rules daily, and would appreciate your help as well.

There should NOT be any food or open drinks allowed in the gym. Hydro flasks and water-bottles are ok, but should any content spill, the coaches are responsible to clean it. Make sure all bottles are picked up and thrown away. Once practices/games are done Coaches are responsible for sweeping the court with the gym floor sweeper. Check areas for any rubbish and make sure courts are clean!

We want to maintain the gym floor, and keep it as nice as we can for as long as we can!

If the Coaches do not follow these rules:

1st Warning – Verbal Warning to start following rules and clean gym properly

2nd Warning – Suspend gym privilege for 1 week (No practices/games)

3’d Warning  – Suspend gym privilege for the season.

This is a DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE zone. No Coolers allowed in gym Please!!!

Please help us maintain our gym. Having these new floors is a privilege. We will do our best to enforce our rules to keep the gym as nice as we can, but will need your help to implement  them as well. So please Kokua and take care of our gym.