Coaching Guidelines

Coaching Guidelines for KCAA Sports

The mission of the Kohala Community Athletic Association (KCAA) is to provide an opportunity for every youngster to participate in sports, to have fun, and to make new friends.

  1. Every player should play at least one-half of every game,
    regardless of player’s ability, or the score of the game.
    (If there are discipline issues, please notify staff prior to the game).
  2. Be on Time. Communicate with parents concerning game times, practice schedule, team rules, and expectations.
  3. Treat all players equally. Encourage less skilled players, and do not favor players of advance abilities.
  4. Emphasize participation, sportsmanship, positive attitude, and mutual respect.
  5. Report any threats, intimidation, abusive language or physical
    altercations immediately to P&R staff, and police if necessary.
  6. Use appropriate language in front of players, their families,
    referees and staff.
  7. Avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption during KCAA events.
  8. Address any first aid or injuries to P&R staff and to parents.
    Call 911 if necessary.
  9. Coaches are not obligated or expected to transport players.
  10. Coaches are not expected to provide food or beverages.
  11. Speak with referees/umpires during game breaks, not during the action. Accept referee’s calls – KCAA emphasizes participation, not wins and losses.
  12. Emphasize fundamentals, conditioning, and stretching
    at all practices.
  13. It is every coach’s responsibility to build team rapport
    and a positive, competitive spirit.
  14. Never use physical coercion, or discipline a player physically.
  15. Take into consideration every player’s uniqueness, different
    abilities, and right to participate and enjoy the athletic activity.